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Jay & Alex from E-Z Rollers pick their The great and good of the drum & only the second time that we’ve done » BEST DJ
six all-time favourite tracks… bass world descended on Birming- it but it’s got the support from most ANDY C
ham’s legendary Q Club on March 1st people in the scene.” » BEST CROWD LYRICAL MC
JOYCE SIMS - ALL IN ALL for the second edition of the National SKIBADEE
Dream team of Sims’ sickly sweet ‘80s Drum & Bass Awards. Organised MTV Dance provided support this year » BEST CROWD HYPER MC
soul vocals and the dum der der dum under MC Magika’s Raveology banner, with four weeks of trailers preview- SKIBADEE
dum digital bass and drum program- Fabio and Goldie were entrusted with ing the ceremony and the channel is » BEST LIQUID DJ
ming of producer Mantronik who also hosting duties for the night and they planning to show the best bits from HIGH CONTRAST
made the hip hop party Amen anthem presided over a crowd of more than the night in the coming months. And » BEST OLDSKOOL / JUNGLE DJ
‘King Of The Beats’. 3,000 ravers who came to honour with the night also attracting atten- NICKY BLACKMARKET
those artists who have hit the heights tion from the national press, Magika » BEST OLDSKOOL / JUNGLE MC
ADONIS - NO WAY BACK over the past 12 months. is satisfied that he has made sure the RAGGA TWINS
As I took a moment from my random wider music community will sit up » BEST FEMALE DJ
chicken dance at the Chicago House In the end, it was a case of déjà vu in and take notice. STORM
Party night at Tiffany’s’ in Great Yar- some of the bigger categories, with » BEST FEMALE MC
mouth in 1987, I checked this guy on Andy C and Skibadee walking away “Our mission was to put on a wicked TALI
stage head down twiddling with tech- with the main DJ and MC awards, show and paint a colourful picture of » BEST RADIO STATION
nology. ‘Hmmm interesting I thought’, although High Contrast’s triumph in drum & bass. It’s important that we 1XTRA
and he signed my vinyl later! the Best Producer category ahead get as much press and publicity for » BEST PRODUCER
of Chase & Status and Hazard was the scene to attract more people to HIGH CONTRAST
CURTIS MAYFIELD - SUPERFLY probably the biggest shock of the it. If you look at any industry in the » BEST BREAKTHROUGH DJ
Curtis was a genius with musical ar- night. 25 categories were up for grabs world, they all have a ceremony to BENNY PAGE
rangements, his string sections are and the 25,000 votes received made recognise the achievements of the » BEST BREAKTHROUGH MC
unrivalled. The ‘Superfly’ soundtrack this the most comprehensive awards people who work in it so it’s vital that HERBZIE
had it all, funk, soul, plenty of depth and in the history of our music, a fact not we do the same.” » BEST MAGAZINE / WEBSITE
great vocals. Shame the film was rather lost on Magika. DRUM & BASS ARENA
average. Mr Mayfield is sadly missed. Next year’s jamboree has already » BEST LIVE ACT
“Everyone who won was a deserved been pencilled in for Saturday March PENDULUM
GRANDMASTER FLASH - WHEELS OF winner because it was voted for by 7, although the venue is expected to » BEST PROMOTER
STEEL the public,” he said. “I wasn’t too change. But that is not all Magika has 1NATION
Still makes me wanna roll around on shocked to see Andy and Skiba win up his sleeve in his mission to make » BEST INTERNATIONAL ACT
bits of lino. Epitomises the original Hip – it might have been good to have sure the awards are here to stay. PENDULUM
Hop sound - never surpassed. someone else because a change is » BEST RECORD STORE
as good as any but you can’t argue. “We could have a really good cer- BM SOHO
RUN DMC - PETER PIPER I’ve heard a lot of people say that the emony that includes a sit-down affair » BEST LABEL
How can anyone make a tune this good! winners are the same every year but if where everyone can come and have a RAM
This track should be included in any people want to see a change then it’s good night out and enjoy themselves,” » BEST TRACK
deep space satellite mission in case up to them to get out there and make he concludes. “We weren’t able to IF WE EVER - HIGH CONTRAST
aliens find it and wanna know what it happen by voting.” invite every single nominee this year » BEST ALBUM
humans are about. because it was all self-funded but DNB ARENA: HYPE
Having been forced to wage war with hopefully we can attract some inter- » BEST MUSIC VIDEO SPONSORED BY
ROBERTA FLACK - THE FIRST TIME 1Xtra’s rival ceremony last time out, est from terrestrial TV and get some MTV DANCE
Technically and soulfully the best singer Magika was given a free run this year more sponsorship. It would be great if CLIPZ- DOWNLOAD
I’ve heard. The delivery holds you until and admitted that he was pleased we could get everyone in the scene to » LIFE TIME ACHIVEMENT AWARD
the end and encapsulates all I look for with how the scene as a whole take the night off and come down for ANDY C
in a vocal performance. responded. “Last year it was just a a good old knees up. There’s no reason
flyer with an email address for people why we can’t make this a really suc-
E-Z Rollers & Tali - ‘Lets Give In / Liar to send their votes to but this time it cessful annual event in the future and
Liar’ is out now on promo through Inter- was much more widespread. All the it’s good to see the debates on all the
com. High Contrasts ‘Watch The Ride’ nominees were campaigning before forums about who should have won
CD is out now featuring E-Z Rollers’ the day to get more votes but there’s because it’s healthy for the scene.”
‘Devil To Pay’. definitely room for improvement. It’s
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