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If you notice a marked change in the air top of his game in 2008, causing the entire dexterity. Though a heavy user of Logic and
the next time you leave your house (and D&B fraternity to giggle like tipsy girls over Reason, along with Korg Legacy plug-ins,
trust Kmag, you will), be assured that it has ‘Psychedelic Dreampipe’, the topsy-turvy Random Movement had until recently been
nothing to do with global warming, or terrorist throb of an anthem which recently dropped running everything through an Allen & Heath
paranoia, or even a staff shortage at your on Innerground. 24x8 console from the 1970s – till the mixer
local council’s sanitation department. Nope, fried on him. “A large portion of my hardware
it’s the whole of the UK and Europe breathing Part of the equally saliva-drenched ‘Her Song’ has been lying around collecting dust,” he
a collective sigh of relief. Random Movement EP, ‘Psychedelic Dreampipe’ is a work of PhD- admits – although the image slots neatly
is touring, and soon. level drum & bass. And after a conversation into Kmag’s quaint illusion of a cluttered
with its maker, it becomes rather apparent schoolroom filled with Bunsen burners and
Ever since those butterfly strings, sunburst- why. This is an artist who deals strictly in bubbling concoctions. So apart from the
like edits and retro-glazed vocals on 2005’s higher education – even the name Random frazzled mixer, everyone’s a winner.
globe-swallowing ‘Stars In The Dark’ gave Movement is drenched in expertise. “My
liquid lovers everywhere a brand new name comes from physics principles, from Just before the bell, this wonderfully
Messiah, the US-based DJ/producer has something called ‘Brownian Motion’, or the promising architect of some of the sharpest
hovered tantalizingly out of reach, like some random movement of particles inside cells,” he breakbeat wizardry of the post-liquid era has
junglistical Holy Grail. The little tease... chirps breezily. “I compare that to how people a couple of final lessons to spell out. “Politics,
dance to drum & bass, as well as how my mind greed and this obsession with competition
Innerground, Creative Source, Bingo, Liquid V seems to operate in the studio...” Intelligent in terms of whose mixdown is better is what
and Bassbin have all regularly shrinkwrapped and funny. The bastard. I really want to avoid in this game,” he states
RM’s impossibly eclectic soul/funk/dub/jazz firmly. “I hear people gripe on about whose
samples and soul-oozing breaks over the past Mr Richards is also chock-full of advice for sound is superior, based entirely on analytical
three years, but countless line-ups and flyers all the adoring production whippersnappers terms and not on feeling! No wonder people
have featured only a large and conspicuous toiling away across the pond. “Learn a single foreign to electronic music say it has no soul
Random Movement-shaped hole. Which begs platform inside and out,” he advises sternly, – because some people seem to forget about
the question: where in God’s name has the 28- “so that it becomes a communication tool for the vibes and emotion and instead flock to
year-old enigma known as Mike Richards been? your creativity. Otherwise you’ll get drowned whoever’s mastering is tighter.”
in manuals and never get anywhere but
“Powell, Ohio, directly in the United States frustrated.” Like all the best trailblazers, Ensconced happily with his lady and their
of Ugly, Fat, Greedy, Bullying, Tyrannical Random Movement always been a bit of five cats, it almost seems wrong to prize this
America,” chuckles Mr Movement, proving a lone-ranger. “I honestly never wanted to shrewd young chap from his Stateside wicker
himself to be as astute politically as he is emulate anyone in terms of my sound,” he chair and jumbo-jet him all the way to the
in the studio. Kmag likes him already. “I’ve reflects. “I just wanted to do what I do. But it is UK this summer just to satisfy our rampant
never left the country before! But don’t worry; safe to say that I’m still riding the waves that hunger for all things Random Movement. But
you’ll be seeing me tour the UK and Europe in Calibre made around the turn of the century. it’s tough tits, to be quite frank. No slacking
June/July. I can’t wait.” Even his oldest material sounds fresh!” now, Mike. We’ll be waiting...
Neither can we. The artist DJ Marky named as It is apt praise, because this is surely one of
his absolute favourite in this very magazine a the few producers who have managed to fuse
few months back has most definitely hit the the retro and the pioneering with Calibre-like
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