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Rave is dead... long live rave! If you didn’t already know, you can
now count yourself fully informed: 2008 signals the coming-of-age
of ‘nu-rave’, the umbrella term used to describe a trio of distinct but
united sounds: Hardcore Breaks, Rave Breaks and J-tek. Taking the
best elements of the original rave scene and bringing it bang up to
date, this holy trinity is catching fire across the globe among drum
& bass and dance music fans of all ages. In a very special blend of
exclusive interviews, Kmag gets the lowdown from Randall, Slipmatt,
rising star Reckless and nu-rave’s other major players and founding
fathers. The future starts here...
Last year the expression ‘nu rave’ was bandied about it unites and reinforces them collectively. And 2008 today – which is on the cusp of something incredibly
in the mainstream UK press with more frequency than is set to be the year in which dance music fans of all exciting! All the major events such as Hardcore Till I Die,
Britney’s bald bits. But while this version of the term persuasions flock under its banner in sweaty droves. Innovation, Raindance, Moondance, Epidemik, etc are
represented nothing more than a media-invented all supporting the music, and dedicated events such as
fantasy of NME-reading, Klaxons-loving, Skins- “The four people to really kick things off were Hardcore Dance Energy and Rusty Needle are bigger than ever.
watching teens getting off their rocks in skinny jeans Breaks dons Enzyme & Malice and Darkus & Vinyl
and dirty white plimsolls, a very different and very real Junkie back in 2003,” says Reckless, “and there are now “In addition, the scene’s online community – www.
‘Nu-Rave’ scene was busy hitting top gear elsewhere. around 30 labels releasing tunes every few months. – has been going from strength to strength
Two of the most popular production duos for Hardcore over the past few months. We’ve just launched our online
“Hardcore Breaks [established in 2003], Rave Breaks Breaks are Enzyme & Malice [2Fresh Records] and radio station which broadcasts every Sunday evening
[2006] and J-Tek [2008] all base themselves on the Stu & Nee [Enormous Mouse]. There’s also been and boasts regular shows from the likes of Slipmatt,
early ‘90s rave movement, both musically and in involvement from the likes of Austin [Suburban Base], Modular, Outrage, Reckless, Junki Munki, Running Man,
terms of ethos, but with a view to bringing things up Luna C [Kniteforce] and Mulder [Urban Takeover].” Mulder, Simon Holmes and even international shows
to date and ultimately moving them forward,” explains such as Screwball and Prove Correct representing the
Reckless, head of Nu Urban Music’s Nu-Rave and Together with the legendary Basement Phil, Reckless Polish contingent! It’s tremendously exciting.”
Breaks section and orchestrator of leading Nu-Rave heads up the Nu Basement incarnation of Basement
website “All three have their own Records, both producing and pushing the sound Kmag agrees, most heartily. Readers, we are giving
very individual sound, but they can all be played at leading events up and down the UK and holding you your orders. Get busy with the selection of links
alongside one another and each shares the same residencies in Spain and Poland. “I’ve been involved detailed below, and we’ll see you down the front. Rave
vision of taking things back in order to progress. as a promoter since 2005 when I first started up is dead... Long live Rave!
Overall, Nu-Rave can be viewed as a melting pot for Unification while at university in Leeds, which moved
the many different sounds and ideas that have evolved on to hold the north’s first dedicated Hardcore Breaks CLICK AND GO...
over the years, which in the process comes up with night at the Northern Light, an event that attracted //
something new and fresh for today’s generation – and over 1000 ravers! It was in conjunction with Dance // // www.danceenergy.
for those still giving it some 20 years on!” Energy, the world’s first dedicated Hardcore Breaks // // www.
event – big respect to Enzyme & Malice for that! //
All three Nu-Rave musketeers tend to produce tunes // //
at around 140-150 bpm: Hardcore Breaks takes much “Now that we have the addition of Rave Breaks, led by // //
of its influence from the ‘92 hardcore movement, often Slipmatt and Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter and, most recently, // // www.myspace.
staying faithful to the sound of that era but using J-Tek, the concept of Nu-Rave is fully coming together, com/junkimunkirecords
new ideas and production techniques; Rave Breaks and the sound is thriving globally. Both Tenerife and
offers a more modern vibe, boasting electro influences Poland have a growing scene, and the music has been LISTEN AND LEARN...
and a pronounced ‘kick-snare’ arrangement; while represented in countries as diverse as Australia, Slipmatt, Randall, Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter, Enzyme &
Randall’s new joint-venture with Outrage, Modular, Thailand, USA, Romania, The Netherlands and Belgium. Malice, Modular, Outrage, Running Man, Digital, Junki
Aperture and Digital, J-Tek, fuses techno beats with There are even artists signed from Poland, Italy and Munki, Aperture, Luna C, Al Storm, Simon Holmes,
jungle basslines, melding classic 4/4 rhythms and South America releasing music on UK labels such as Mulder, Peacemaker, Darkus, Sike, Stu & Nee, Prove
syncopated funk breakbeats. Uppacutz, Firewall and Tornado Records. I believe this Correct, Screwball, The Flashback Project
global appeal is in part down to the fact that many of
Be absolutely clear: Nu-Rave ain’t no misty-eyed, these countries missed out on the original Rave scene, LABELS TO LAP UP...
head in the clouds, hands in the air, throwback; this and want to experience it themselves. 2FX, 2Fresh, Data Audio, Enormous Mouse, Firewall,
is a feet-firmly-on-the-floor-and-groovin’ revolution. Good Gosh, J-Tek, Junki Munki, Nu Basement,
The overall ‘Nu-Rave’ moniker doesn’t seek to dilute “If it wasn’t for Basement Phil and Nu Urban’s support,” Hardcore Projektz, Kniteforce, Rave Breakz, Rogue
or obscure its three individual branches – instead, says Reckless, “then we wouldn’t be where we are Squadron, Sharkfin, Tornado, Uppacutz
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