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KJ Sawka is a live drum & bass drummer from London Electricity, DJ Trax, Cruel Culture, Nicky
Seattle in the US. He has a new album out at Blackmarket, and also the Jungle Drummer...
the end of June, will be playing at this year’s Maybe we’ll battle it out!” he laughed. “I’ve
Glade Fest, and will also be putting aside time also done many projects with others over the
to record with a number of well known UK years - Siamese, 94th Street, Digital Lounge
producers while he is here. and Pi to name a few, plus my current projects
include Dabouge, Arisawkadoria and Emilia.”
KJ started playing drums at the age of 11, and
immediately began teaching his friends what Past releases from KJ Sawka include his debut
he’d learnt, sometimes for over eight hours album ‘Synchronized Decompression’, which
a day. He then discovered electronic music was released in October 2005 on New York’s
as a teenager: “When I was 17-years-old, my Wax Orchard imprint. “Wax Orchard is more of
friend’s cousin from the UK moved here for a a broad genre, live music label, and I’m one of
while. He introduced me to the sounds of LTJ the only electronic artists on their roster,” he
Bukem, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method and explained. “The album is dark, crunchy and a
so on. I had never heard anything like it before, mix of electronic styles presented in a “played
and instantly wanted to make that “sound”, live way”. It features many vocal tunes featur-
that tight, fast electronic sound on my drums. ing Christa Wells, Carley Skone and Miranda
Before that I was a hyper funk/rock guy, in Rose. It’s not your typical “D&B club sound”
to bands like Primus, Rush, Metallica and Iron album, more a broken beat/concept sound.”
Maiden. I bought some Technics 1200’s and
started DJing at high school parties. It was
great, but everyone asked, “where are the KJ’s second full-length album ‘Cyclonic Steel’
drums?”. I was known as a drummer, not a is released on June 26, again through Wax
DJ, so I tacked on the drums to the equation Orchard. “The new LP features more of the
and started doing a DJ/drumming thing. I now dancefloor sound, and mixes styles of drum &
travel all over doing exactly that - minus the bass, breaks, world, dub & bass and glitch,” he
1200’s, and adding a laptop!” enthused. “It includes some vocal tunes featur-
ing Bshorty and Christa Wells, and also comes
KJ Sawka will be appearing at Reading’s Glade with a DVD.” ’Cyclonic Steel’ will be released
Festival in July, which is also his first ever as a double disc package, including four
visit to the UK. “I’m playing the Overkill stage produced videos and two live videos. There
on the Saturday, performing a 40 minute set are also several videos of KJ in action floating
before Congo Natty,” he revealed. “I’m also around the web on YouTube and MySpace.
playing on Wednesday July 18th in Brighton
at Volks, and on Thursday July 19th in London Kevin also has a monthly show on the popular
at Electrowerkz, for the Overkill Glade Warm internet radio station Bassdrive, called ‘KJ
Up alongside Venetian Snares, DJ Assault Sawka - Live from Nowhere’, which takes place
and Enduser. I’m very stoked, for over ten on the first Monday of every month, between
years everyone has said I needed to get over 6-7pm US Central Time.
to the UK!” / www.myspace.
Whilst over in the UK, Kevin hopes to maxi- com/kjsawka
mise his time here and collaborate with several Bookings:
British artists. “There are plans to work with
Natural Selection is a brand new DJ Agency based The agency was established as a means to gain
in Bristol, set up by three friends who each have exposure for artists that the team were working with.
experience in different areas of the music industry. The “I felt that I had a lot of talented artists around me
agency will be booking artists for events throughout that were doing their thing and deserved to get a bit
the UK and Europe, plus many are also represented of recognition,” Sam explained. “I got introduced to
worldwide. Tony who had plans to start an agency, and we put our
ideas together to make it happen. When things started
Amongst the artists on the agency’s books are Artificial to move forward, we then linked up with Sophie and
Intelligence, Bryan Gee*, DJ Andy (Brasil), DJ Ban Ban got her involved as well.”
(Brasil), Heist, Interface, Jumping Jack Frost, JFB,
Jordan V, Kubiks, Mutt (Canada), Randall, Ruffstuff, “We have close ties with the V Recordings camp so a
Xample and the Iration Steppas Sound System, along lot of are artists are from the V Family,” Tony added.
with MCs Carasel, Dread, Eksman, Foxy, Fun, K-Eye, “With the rest of the artists on our roster, we tried
Rhymes and Skeez. (*Bryan Gee is only available as to recruit the next generation of talent out there. We
part of a V Recordings/Chronic or Movement tour have a lot of young artists on our roster who we feel
night.) are putting in the work right now, and will hopefully be
making big waves in the scene in the next year or so.”
Tony, Sam and Sophie are behind Natural Selection.
Sam has been involved with D&B since the age of 15, Natural Selection hopes to stand out from the crowd We’re also going to be getting involved with the promotion of artists with photos, we will be hosting a lot of studio mixes
and has promoted events, DJed and produced, and by providing a friendly, professional service, and also many of the parties our artists will be performing at, so we’ll be on the site, and eventually high quality videos of our artists
recently has become involved in artist representation. helping out with promotion. “We want to be everyone’s doing mail-outs, putting online flyers up on our sites, as well as performing as well.”
Sophie worked in events management and promotions favourite agent!” Tony enthused. “We don’t want it to doing promotion within the towns.”
at the Academy Music Group, and also did admin and be a daunting task to ring up our agency and make an The agency is now taking bookings for their Natural Selection
PA work for a couple of artists on the roster. Tony has enquiry. I have spoken to so many promoters who have The Natural Selection website is currently under construction, launch tour. Anyone interested in booking any of their artists, or
had work experience with TOV, and went on to work talked about agents trying to rip them off, and in some but there are plans to make it much more than just a list of would like a good deal on the Natural Selection tour package
in the V Recordings office. He also worked as a driver cases just being plain rude to them! We are providing represented artists: “Eventually we want our website to not can get in touch via:
for artists including Bryan Gee, Marky, Frost, Skibadee, a service to both the promoter and our artists, and only be a place where you can go and make enquiries about
IC3 and Foxy. we feel that coming to agreements where both parties bookings, but also a place where you can go and be educated /
can be as happy as possible, is of utmost importance. about our artists. We will have an in depth biog for all of our /0117 9713822
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