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It’s a jungle out there
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THE DEBASSING OF DRUM & BASS? step and jungle/d&b in are kindred spirits. Kmag is waiting for the you still have difficulty finding K call 01895
A few weeks back, I was interviewing one of dubstep’s leading real fun to start when dubstep producers up the tempo (which is
433800 for the location of your nearest
supplier. K is published ten times a year by
producers, Bristol-based DJ Pinch, for a story. Like many dubstep already happening), and d&b producers slow down: then we’ll have
Phoenix Publishing (UK) Ltd. No part of this
producers, he was a jungle and d&b head until the late 1990s, but dubstep and d&b converging and the creative, and soundclash, publication may be reproduced, stored in a
became bored with the scene and music: for example the lack of possibilities, are as exciting as hell.
retrieval system, or transmitted in any form
or by any means, electronic, mechanical,
musical innovation, the same old line-ups on flyers and the closed
photocopying, recording or otherwise, without
shop that was pre-millennium/Internet d&b. STOP THE WAR... ON VINYL
the prior permission of Phoenix Publishing (UK)
It’s a perennial debate, but many people feel very strongly about
Ltd. The views expressed in K are those of the
respective contributors and not necessarily
Pinch’s a straight talker and his observations of drum & bass this. Vinyl is the bricks and mortar of drum & bass/jungle. The those of editorial staff or Phoenix Publishing
today, made sense and rung true. It’s all the more telling as this is scene was built around the sale of 12”s. What kind of example
(UK) Ltd. We do everything possible to make
a guy who had a passionate affair with jungle and drum & bass, does it set when A-list d&b DJs are playing off laptops and CDs?
sure all the information is accurate, but we
accept no responsibility for any mistakes or
and is far from a hater. Make of it what you will: Today’s ravers are tomorrow’s DJs and producers, and they follow omissions. We’re always open to new contribu-
the DJ booth’s example. That’s why it’s heartening to hear that
tors but we can’t be responsible for unsolicited
manuscripts, photographs or illustrations (also
“It’s called drum & bass, but there’s no bass in it, it’s drum & treble. Andy C only plays off vinyl, as does LTJ Bukem and London Elek-
please send a SAE if you would like us to
Some of it’s rock ’n’ roll regurgitated with an Amen and it’s cleverly tricity. Hospital Records has gone one step further and banned return anything). All rights reserved 2007.
produced and filtered. There is no bass in it, drum & bass seems DJs from playing anything other than vinyl at its Hospitality night,
K mag, ISSN number 1753-5549, is published
to compress the whole mix and make it as loud as possible. It’s as well producing T-shirts with the slogan Stop The War On Vinyl.
monthly except August & December (10
very difficult for a scene to be at the cutting edge for 15 years. Otherwise we’ll get to the stage that DJs charge extra to play vinyl times per year) by Phoenix Publishing (UK)
Once something gains popularity and you’re a DJ, you’re DJing (as has happened with certain unnamed A-list house DJs). As for
Ltd c/o USACAN Media Dist. Srv. Corp. at 26
Power Dam Way Suite S1-S3, Plattsburgh,
four times a week and you don’t have time to be innovative. With laptops, don’t get me started... There is no excuse at all. It might be
NY 12901 for US$61 / CDN$105 per year.
drum & bass, it became a job very quickly, and the scene became convenient to carry all your tunes on a Powerbook because it’s not
Periodicals Postage paid at Plattsburgh, NY and
very insular and protective over territory. That’s why when you see heavy... So what?! If you’re an established DJ getting paid for gigs,
at additional mailing Offices. POSTMASTER:
Send address changes to Knowledge c/o
a line-up for Helter Skelter 74, or whatever, it’s the same line-up it’s part of the job. From the dancefloor it looks like you probably Express Mag, P.O. box 2769, Plattsburgh, NY
as 15 years ago.” did the mix at home, and you’re checking your emails or surfing for
porn. Where is the connection between you the DJ and the music?
Perhaps that’s why many d&b producers are turning their hand to Where is the art of mixing? And what happens when it crashes or
dubstep: it’s innovative new music built around, er, drum and bass. there’s the wrong wire to hook up your laptop? Both are inevitable.
Pinch has had Clipz and Roni Size round to his house to pick up
dubstep beats. Amit, Klute and Juju are all producing dubstep FESTIVAL FEVER
too. I had a chat with Craggz the other night, who had just spent a There are 450 festivals happening in the UK this summer. D&b
mad night with dubstep producer Skream where they were on the features prominently at the dance music festivals, particularly
same line-up in the Berlin equivalent of Fabric (Watergate), and Creamfields, Global Gathering and Escape Into The Park. Yet how
Craggz is also going to try his hand at dubstep. many festivals will feature d&b on the main stage?? Not one. It’s NEXT ISSUE
in stark contrast to Europe where Patife has headlined Sonar THE ORANGE ISSUE
In clubland, Hospitality hosts a room of dubstep, while d&b night – which is notorious for not supporting d&b - and Serbia’s Exit.
Turbulence in Newcastle is championing dubstep in room two. Yet Last year Andy C & GQ followed Billy Idol on the main stage. No

some quarters of d&b are sceptical on dubstep, and quite cool and joke. That’s Andy C up there with Billy Idol. It’s not the first time
stand offish about it. Get over it. Dubstep wouldn’t be here without either, both Goldie and LTJ Bukem have also both played on Exit’s
d&b and jungle, and it’s following the independent, self-sustaining main state. Now that’s what you call paying proper respect to d&b. OUT
infrastructure and global networks blueprint that d&b has been When will it happen in the music’s spiritual home?
built on.
Is something in the scene bugging you and you want to
How you can be into d&b and jungle and not appreciate dubstep? let rip? If so email us 200 words on what’s winding you
It’s roughneck, raw bassline music (bassline in the sub-bass sense, up, to JULY
rather than a guitar or synth driven). It’s glaringly obvious that dub-
W◊ Rahul Verma
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