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Korg Mini KP Kaoss Pad
Price: £309 inc. VAT
In the past twelve months Korg has expanded
its range of Kaoss Pad products to include
the range topping KP3 effects processor
and sampler, a new series of mixers that
incorporate the Kaoss Pad technology, namely
the two-channel KM-202 and four-channel
KM-404, and the product we’re looking at
here, the Mini KP. Which, as you might have
already guessed, is a palm-sized version of the
Kaoss Pad; and it can be powered by either
a 4.5V DC supply (not included) or four AA
batteries, making it the most easily portable of
any DJ effects unit on the market.
The mini KP packs in 100 (of the KP3’s
128) effects programs, providing you with
all the standards you would want and need
(including delays, filters, flangers, reverbs,
pans, isolators, beat-slicers, loopers and
synths); and carries through a selection of the
more critical features from its bigger brother nevertheless produces the same excellent end remains to be seen, for the full size KP3 is still
such as effect depth, hold, FX release and results. Connections are via RCA jacks, offering eminently portable and, as well as it now selling
BPM detect. Due to its size, many of these you a line-in and line-out, with a sub-menu for around the same price point, certainly
controls are activated through pressing a providing the signal send options - direct if provides a larger and more flexible set of sound
combination of the memory and tap tempo connected to an instrument of audio device, or sculpting tools. However, if it’s the trimmings
buttons, and while their operation isn’t send if using your mixer’s send & return facility. you feel that you can do without, the mini KP
instantly intuitive their limited number means Other features, meanwhile, include a front panel certainly maintains its family’s ethics of being a
these sequences are quickly cast to memory. headphone socket with adjustable volume and a powerful and easy-to-use effects module that
peak (input) signal indicator. you can always rely on to produce interesting
Changing the parameters of your effects is and exciting high-quality effects.
still achieved via the touch-pad, though again Overall, then, the value of the mini KP clearly
its size means that operation can require a bit lies in its portable power, although whether it More info from
more care than on the full-size version, but will corner a big enough slice of the market
When Vestax launched their series of PDX M-Audio University is the newly launched Ecler continues to expand its portfolio of DJ
Turntables they provided the first credible educational arm of M-Audio and offers free mixers with the launch of the EVO series,
alternative to what had always been the industry online resources and video tutorials to maximize kicking off with the power-packed EVO 5. In
standard, the Technics SL series; and with the your creativity and help you get the most out short, this is a four channel digital mixer with
forthcoming launch of the new PDX-3000 of your M-Audio gear. As well as software and 24bit/96kHz A/D converters, and features a
Vestax claim to be raising the turntable bar even studio tips and tricks from the experts, there built-in FireWire soundcard with 12 input and
higher. Stepping out in a fresh grey and black will also be guidance on how to optimize your 12 output channels, extensive MIDI control
livery (making it look more like a Technics’ deck PC, and information on how to connect with and a fully editable FX processor. Following
than ever before!) the PDX-3000 incorporates a certified academic reseller in your area for the lead of their NUO series, which included
the same features as the PDX-2000’s while student discounts. Currently online is a General a model with a programmable effects section
adding extra elements such as torque simulator Audio and Recording section, another on Pro and another with powerful MIDI controls, this
adjustment (so you can vary the level of torque Tools M-Powered and, of most direct interest new mixer combines these most desirable of
as required), a digital servo that allows MIDI to readers of this page, a twenty-lesson course modern day DJ requirements and packages
input control (so, for example, you can adjust covering many aspects of their brand new DJ them in a mixing board that additionally sports
the turntable’s pitch with a MIDI controller/ system, Torq. From setting up, looping and using all the standard controls you would expect on
keyboard), USB connection, plus a choice of the FX section and sampler, to MIDI mapping, high-end kit; including a three-band EQ/isolator
A.S.T.S. or the company’s new ‘S’ tonearm. SRP incorporating VST effects and using external and adjustable curve control on every fader
on the straight tonearm model is £419 inc. VAT, controllers, there’s a tutorial to cover it. Find out (including the effects fader). Plus those you
with the PDX-3000MIX, with S-shaped tonearm more from might not, such as output level attenuation,
coming in at £469. For more information, go to assignable record signal (mix or PFL) and password-protected limiter system. For the full
SP, check out
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