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◊ Internet Radio Spotlight
Owned by Andy, Unix & MRD and managed by Shotz & Skudge, the
multi-award nominated PlanetDnB has been established for six years.
Primarily set up as a d&b news and information site, the radio feature has
FLEX industries has been showcasing some of the finest Artists planned to feature on DRK FLX include Industries Nights in the UK [Huddersfield], Hol- now grown to the point of becoming the main focus of the site. PlanetDnB
names in production for over a decade. In keeping with its L Double, Roughcut, Infiltrata, Demo, Noah D, land [Den Haag / Rotterdam], Belgium [Ghent] radio is now broadcast almost continuously, and hope to be 24/7 soon.
tradition of promoting the latest expression of drum & bass, Mumbles, Cenobites, Empire X, Cooh, Spektrum, and Germany [Dresden / Rostock / Munich]
FLEX industries is preparing to launch DRKFLX Recordings to Identity, Nitrox, DEFine and MC Dre. are smashing it at the moment,” Tom enthused. The site is packed full of information and other goodies such as filmed
bring a new and fresh sound. DRKFLX will provide a platform “They are a platform for both our new and old interviews, event footage, competitions and much more, including over
for the more experimental and darker side of drum & bass, Rather than starting out with singles, the first artists to play or test their new tunes, as well 4500 hours of audio archives available for download. With artists like
commencing with the release of its first album and promising DRK FLX release will appear in the shape of a as have a great weekend out! Simon Bassline Smith, DJ/MC Fearless, Robbie Dee, 5ive-O, Funky Flirt,
a strong catalogue of already established new school artists. double album. “We are planning to put out an Uncle Dugs, Evil B, Eddy Woo, Kane, Fatman D, Shortston, Moving Fusion,
album as our first release, we want to come “We’ve also been busy redesigning the website Drumsound, Papa G, Junglist, Curse, Child Support & Crisis Loan appear-
Currently due to hit the shelves late summer 2007, this new with a something heavyweight that outlines our & online shop which will re-launch later this ing on the station over the years and a whole host of international talent,
concept promises to push out the boundaries further than ever style and what we are about,” Tom revealed. year,” he continued. “Expect to see an exclusive it’s no wonder they are one of the top online stations.
before to explore the deepest, darkest recesses of the human “This will come on a double CD, with all the MP3, vinyl, CD & merchandising portal where
mind. Frontlines spoke to DJ DEFine aka Tom Barker to get tracks unmixed on the first disc, alongside a you’ll be able to get the latest Flex goodies! Show highlights include:
the low down… mix from one of the artists featured on the CD. There will additionally be a limited edition set Tuesday 6-8pm: Simon Bassline Smith (1st Tuesday of the month)
The album will also be released as vinyl singles of releases that are only available through the Tuesday 6-8pm: Drumsound (3rd Tuesday of the month)
He began by telling us why they decided to establish the DRK in four parts. We are still compiling the tunes to web shop.” Wednesday 6-8pm: Unix, Petite & MRD (PlanetDnB Unit)
FLX imprint, and what its music policy will be: “Basically, we feature on it right now, so it is all under wraps Wednesday 8-10pm: Papa G (1st Wednesday of the month)
were looking to branch out Flex Industries to a new level. at the moment.” Flex’s forthcoming release schedule includes Wednesday 8-10pm: Dugs, Fuzion & Evil B (2nd Wednesday of the month)
We feel there is a lot of new talent out there and in order to Roughcut’s picture disc single ‘I Own You’ / Wednesday 8-10pm: Cabbie & Lok-i (3rd Wednesday of the month)
represent correctly we needed to expand. Our music policy is Label boss L Double, 1Xtra’s Connexions show ‘Demigod’ (FLEX 41), and Supadark’s ‘Flower Friday 3-5pm: Unix (Live on Kool FM)
dark and deep, anything that reflects the technology based host, was also recently nominated for the ‘Best Power’ / ‘Shark Fin’ (FLEX 42). Friday 5-7pm: The Original Detonator Robbie Dee - DJ/MC set
society that we live in. We are really trying to break new Broadcaster Award’ at the Sony Music Awards Sunday 7-9pm: Shotz & MC Deefa
ground into the future of drum & bass music, looking for the in the UK and has been busy playing nights out
new sound and style.” all over the UK, Europe and the US. “The Flex
2004 saw the emergence of a little known Inch Nails cover ‘Perfect Drug’ grabbed the
production outfit with a tune that literally attention of the masses.
changed the face of D&B. That outfit was the
Essex based Nightbreed, aka Malachai & Angle, Despite their musical achievements and
and the tune that catapulted them into the being pushed firmly into the limelight on
record boxes of the world’s best DJs was of the global DJ circuit, Nightbreed shied away
course ‘Pack of Wolves’, a metal/D&B crossover from the media, reluctant to shout too loudly
that was instantly snapped up by the mighty and instead decided to let their music do the
Ram Records. talking. However with the launch of their new
label Generation X Recordings, Nightbreed are
‘Pack Of Wolves’ gained unprecedented airplay finally ready to push themselves outside their
on Radio 1 and London’s XFM, generating underground roots and into the public eye.
massive support from the likes of Jo Whiley,
Zane Lowe, James Hyman, Eddie Temple-Morris This fresh new label will be dedicated to
& Mary Anne Hobbs. Nightbreed became an pushing experimental flavours from Nightbreed
instant D&B success story, and their forward themselves, and like-minded producers within
thinking approach, blending punk rock attitudes all facets of D&B. Setting out to rail against
with razor sharp breakbeats and rib crushing their stereotypical metal ‘n’ bass sound,
basslines soon caught the ear of The Prodigy’s Nightbreed offer up two diverse cuts ‘It’s Alive’
Liam Howlett who immediately asked them to / ‘Some Men’, on the first of many high level
remix their single ‘Spitfire’. 12”s that will appear on Generation X. ‘It’s
Alive’ has been garnering support from a wide
Their original works were hitting the dancefloor range of the D&B scene’s top dogs and has
spot too, with tracks such as ‘Arachnophobia’ already stretched its wings outside of the D&B
and ‘Venice Beach’ (featured on DJ Hype’s fraternity, being picked up by XFM’s Eddy
‘Dubplate Killaz 2’ compilation) receiving love Temple-Morris and Coca Cola Music!
from all corners of the D&B spectrum, while
more high profile remixes in the form of their
re-rub of Roni Size’s ‘Rise Up’ and Lab 4’s Nine
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