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SHOGUN (METRO/VIPER) Yes I know it’s shameless, but this the sampler off Another classic mixtape from the Baby God,
Friction & K-Tee come with a serious remix of Mr L’s Seeing as Nu:Tone and Logistics are brothers, what bet- my forthcoming Y4K and it goes off a treat. It’s good DJ IQ, a man who just doesn’t know when to
classic brought up to a nastier level. There are two ter track for them to remix than ‘Family’? They’ve taken proper Midi business - nuff said! stop. This mixtape has so many original tracks
mixes to choose from, one being the dub mix for the it deep and minimal using the power of simplicity to (mostly produced by IQ himself) that it has
MCs to ride over. Buy on sight! perfect effect. A nice chunky break and deep analogue HYPER more of an album feel to it than a mixtape.
bass hits underpin the pristine soulful chord stabs leav- NO ROCKSTARS Check out ‘8 Bars Allstars pt.II’, a banger
JAYDAN ing plenty of room for Robert Owens’s beautiful vocal to KILOWATT featuring like 22 rappers, a defining moment
FELONY shine. It’s always risky having your records remixed but Taken from Hyper’s forthcoming compilation Re-Wired, in UK hip-hop history. Heavy.
SMOKIN RIDDIMS this time it’s paid off. Classy. this is a no-holds-barred belter of a single. Pounding, very
Instant reload material from Jaydan forthcoming on his live sounding drums, a great electro-esque bassline and SHAMELESS
new label Smokin’ Riddims. Nasty warp business that KLUTE a definite swagger - all the goodness you expect from a SMOKERS DIE YOUNG
just drops like a bomb - you won’t hear a Sappo set PROPERTY IS THEFT Hyper track, complement the vocal’s nihilistic refrain that DAT SOUNDS
without this! Also watch for ‘Paranoia’ for some good COMMERCIAL SUICIDE ‘there are no rockstars’. I can tell you from experience For me, Shameless has always had a real
old days style dancefloor action! It’s been around for a while but this one’s got a good that it goes off like a good un! Remix duties are handled radio sound. By that I don’t mean he sounds
shelf life! It’s just a beautiful track from the master of by one of Australia’s finest, Bass Kleph, who turns it into crackly, sometimes sounds like an alien
KG understatement. A simple two-note bassline, echoed an Electro-housey, bleepy four-foury kinda tune, that’s speaking German and cuts out every time you
REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE vocals and emotive atmospherics with lots of space in pitched perfectly for those floors. Top tune! drive under a bridge. No. What I mean is he
EASY the beat. The perfect contrast to an overdose of ‘noisy’ makes songs that seem like that they were
KG has definitely been putting the work in recently drum & bass these days. A subtle breath of fresh air. SAM HELL made for airplay and this release is no differ-
getting his sound right and having heard his stuff for STAY OUT ALL NIGHT ent. Check out the recent single featuring my
a while now, this is THE tune!! One of those catchy PESHAY, DJ SS & INFLUX UK SINISTER boy Plan Bizzle ‘No Hats, No Trainers’. Nice.
numbers that you hear out and sticks in your head. It’s FEAT. KAY Sinister have been on a roll of late and new signing Sam
all about the growling bass and sub bass sounds!! MAKE SOME NOISE Hell has definitely up the ante with this little number. The DEFDFIRES
FORMATION original is a tightly packed, heads down, hands-in-the-air A PRELUDE
CUTTY RANKS I love this one to the bone. A great vocal track built affair. Rolling and techy, this builds nicely and definitely FILTHY HABITS
LIMB BY LIMB around a luxurious piano chord progression moving goes off in the right places! Groove Diggerz take it into This is a release for everyone who loves
S-MAN DUBPLATE SPECIAL into an almighty drop that will take the roof off. A slightly deeper territory but it’s none the worse for that. Aesop Rock and Chester P but hates Puff
Some dubplate booty biznizz from Manchester producer feelgood summer anthem that’s guaranteed to go off This’ll definitely be in the box for a while. Daddy and The Game. I’m in then. ‘A Prelude’
S-Man. I’ve started every set with this recently and on any floor. has a Cracked-Out-Underground-Fuck-The-
everyone asks “what’s that!?” Particularly loving the hip HARDY HARDY & LADY WAKS Industry sort of feel to it and that’s why I
hop intro! S-Man is one to watch for this year. MISTA MINIMAL love it. Highlights include ‘Swinging London’
PLEASURES MENU MUSIC and ‘Shakti’. This ain’t never making the top
SAPPO VIRUS Featuring the sublime vocal talents of Mr X, this is a ten but doesn’t want to, it’s got cult classic
PAY THE PRICE (RHYTHM Some twisted futuristic tech-funk from new guy on the sly dig at the ‘I can fit all my beats in a matchbook’ written all over it.
BEATER REMIX) scene, Mista. Frenzied alien Reese lines and a moody cool of minimal music. I love records like this, it shows
ADVISORY arpeggio synth lead into the cheeky “Sex... Drugs” a deft hand at programming and arrangement and
Out now as part of my double mix CD “Mixtape Impos- vocal. A seriously low sub bass is the final ingredient just sounds great out on the floor. Man of the moment DUBBLEDGE
sible”, this backed with Mutated Form’s remix has been to this track that scores high on originality. This release Rogue Element takes it and injects the steroids in RICE N PEAS
going down very well! Rhythm Beater is one of those and those forthcoming on Hospital Records should trademark style but still manages to keep the flavour of LOWLIFE
talented producers who knows exactly what to do with certainly turn a few heads. The talent is clear and I’m the original. This is on my Menu. Let it be known, Edge is now my official
samples! And this is no exception, he’s brought the predicting a big future for Mista. ‘Favourite Rapper’, he’s shoulder barged Slick
ragga fuelled slammer to the rolling masses. DJ MUTINY Rick off and fly kicked Redman out of conten-
NU:TONE SOULRUNNER tion. This Guy is FIRE. ‘Rice N Peas’ features
DIGITAL SYSTEM (MATRIX & FUTURE- BOTCHIT BREAKS Jehst and Micall Parknsun and is bloody
PHANTOM FORCE (T POWER BOUND REMIX) DJ Mutiny has always been one of those producers that heavy. Look out for Edge’s debut album ‘The
REMIX) HOSPITAL constantly pushes at the boundaries and in ‘Soulrunner’ Richest Man In Babylon’ out later this year on
FUNCTION Just one of several quality vocal cuts taken from he’s come up with a shimmeringly summer vibe of a Lowlife Records.
This is a wicked remix of a classic Digital & Spirit Nu:Tone’s forthcoming album gets the re-rub from tune. It’s very reminiscent of Bukem but reigns in the
track from a few years ago, something I still carry on Futurebound and myself. We’ve thrown in some lovely excesses of such and pins it all together with a killer riff DR SYNTAX
the road! Brought right up to date by T-Power, this has vocodered chords behind the sexy vocal courtesy of of a bassline that’ll have you jumping around till your feet SELF TAUGHT
some serious production going on and the beats and Natalie Williams who some will know from Nu:Tone’s fall off. Superstyle Deluxe transform it into a hip shatter- BEER AND RAP
the bass are as good as it gets! Watch out for Goldie’s ‘Seven Years’. The way she delivers the wickedly ing tech funk monster of tune. I’ve always been a fan of The debut album from a great rapper and
remix of another digital classic ‘Spacefunk’, dropping on catchy “You’re in my system” chorus makes this one their production and this is no exception. Killer! a great friend. Syntax is simply one of the
his LP ‘Phoenix Rising’. Ruff!!! a definite winner. most intelligent, technically skilled, articulate
NICK THAYER & MICAH rappers our humble scene has to offer. To put
TOMMY BOY SHOCK ONE SCRAMBLER it bluntly, he’s just much cleverer than I am,
LOVIN YOU DON’T YOU KNOW PASSENGER ha ha! I first heard this before it was mixed
STEREOTYPE VIPER One of the leading lights of the Australian breaks scene properly on a train on the way to do a show in
TC comes with the flavours here on Stereotype, sister Hailing from the land of Kangaroos, surfing and fine teams up with legendary Ambar resident and all round Newcastle with Synners. I loved it then, I love
label to D-Style. This is something I’ve been rinsing wine, Shock One delivers a fat piece of melodic synth lothario Micah and the results set the room on fire. It errs it now. Highlight track has got to be ‘She’s
at virtually every set and goes down a storm. A soulful driven d&b. He’s got a few strong tracks about at the on the progressive side of breaks but has a toughness Quite Some Picture’.
slamming d&b roller, kinda reminds me of the ‘98 flava moment but this one’s definitely my favourite It’s got a that knocks most tunes of that ilk into the bargain bin.
when some of the biggest tunes were soulful mixed up really nice bittersweet feel with a hint of the ‘80s about Peak time late night business, it grooves like a train baby!
with the rinse out. Everything here just totally gels - a it sonically speaking -Kind of like Human League meets
perfect example of ruff-with-the-smooth. drum & bass... In a good way!
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