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CALYX: I’m always ranting to up-and-
coming producers seeking my advice that
“Who knows where we’re
success in music, in the sense of establishing
going! The only thing I
a long-term career, is largely down to
know is that I want to keep
hunger and application. Whether you’re a jazz
evolving the label and the
guitarist, an opera singer or a d&b producer
artists who are loyal to
you have to work hard to stand out from your
it. People like Phace and
peers. When I’m not working in the studio
Misanthrop along with
it’s usually niggling in my mind that many of
myself are the faces of
my fellow producers are working at any given
Subtitles now. We have
moment – so time not spent working on my
had two amazing years
music is time not spent furthering my career
and it’s so great to be able
– whatever genre I’m working in.
to actually get the tunes
I really like for my label. I
TEEBEE: That really is my main
really want to get some of
admiration [of Calyx]. He has this ability
the artists more involved
to work non-stop for as long as it takes in
in the label as well doing a
order to reach the final goal. It’s like his best
bit of A&R-ing and getting
friend is sleep deprivation! He also has this
their cut from that. Subtitles
ability to reflect on music from a musician’s
is not just my label. It’s the
point of view, not just as a producer. He’s a
playground for the whole
trained jazz guitarist and plays virtually every
Subtitles family. Yes, I make
instrument under the sun. I tend to sometimes
the final decisions, but my
get stuck in the technical finesse related to
artists mean the world to
sound design as I am a nerd and relatively
me and I am honoured to
proud of it actually.
be in charge of releasing
their work. Subtitles 60 is a
CALYX: As I made the transition from
biggie: Break ‘Submerged
focusing my career on jazz to d&b, I loved
(Calyx & TeeBee remix)’
making a dramatic change in the nature of the
backed with Break’s remix
music I was writing. Whilst my jazz music and
of ‘The Quest’. BIG!!”
performance was more spontaneous, organic
and improvised, I’ve always loved making d&b
that is calculated, controlled and more scien-
d&b that got us into the music in the fi rst “The album is called ‘Anatomy’ and the With plans to keep Momentum solely for tific. To be honest, as the years go by, I find
place,” Calyx says when asked about the label is Momentum Music and yes, this is Calyx and TeeBee productions, the pair myself increasingly missing live performance
overall vibe of the LP. “We love d&b that the fi rst release,” follows TeeBee. “Sub- are already looking ahead to working on and instrumentation, and I sometimes feel
has musical and technical depth whether titles is my label and the vision for that a few singles as well as their next LP frustrated at not having the time to explore
complex or simplistic, music that doesn’t will always remain the same. Momentum project which they hope to get started on other genres and make more use of the five
just appeal to a dancefl oor, that isn’t just Music is for Calyx and TeeBee. We are after completing promotion for the new instruments I’ve played for most of my life.
created to get a rewind or to make people fully equal in every aspect of our music album and label.
grit their teeth or scream. We still love and wanted a label that refl ected that. We TEEBEE: Recently, I’ve been getting
what was once called ‘future music’ and even tossed a coin to see whose name “The rest of the year is going to be back into shape and totally changed my diet. I
the feeling that music invokes in us.” should go fi rst. Best out of three, and I dominated by a relentless album world feel so much better. As far as the kung fu part,
was 2-0 up! Gutted...” tour which we’re really looking forward it’s so time-consuming, and also it’s extremely
“We really put a lot of time and effort into to as we’re both really passionate about frustrating having been at a certain level, then
the vibe of each track,” TeeBee continues. The tension between head music and our DJing and we both love touring and realising that you’ve got literally years ahead of
“It’s just a great balance between the both the dancefl oor has never been stronger playing gigs,” explains Calyx. “We will also you to even reach the basis of where you used
of us and I really think it shines through. as Calyx and TeeBee strike the perfect be pushing ourselves to get in the studio to be. So no, I’ll do the odd form or routine
We’re so happy with it and it feels great balance on bits like ‘Ultimatum’, ‘Vortex’, whenever we have spare time as we want just for fun, but I guess I’ll just leave it as part
having completed it as we worked on it for ‘Warrior’ and ‘All that Remains’. to keep evolving our sound in d&b whilst of my youth. I will forever miss it though, and I
so long.” we’ve also set new goals and objectives in am eternally grateful to my sifu who taught me
“I always tend to favour the most recently other genres. One other objective for the the foundations of success: hard work, respect,
Midway through the writing of the album, produced tracks,” Calyx says when asked future is to hopefully appear less miserable dedication and patience.
the pair continued to be inspired by the about his take on the LP. “I’m sure that’s in photo-shoots – we were really happy
progression of their collective sound and the case with most producers – you’re to get the Kmag cover but the pics don’t CALYX: Einstein said a quote I
decided to make their production partner- always going to be passionate about exactly make that obvious! Next time I’m constantly use to keep myself motivated:
ship more offi cial. your latest work as it usually represents committed to laughing or smiling, whatever “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”
where your head is currently at. If I had it takes – maybe I’ll buy Teebs a crate of For me this work ethic translates so well to
“It wasn’t until we were about halfway to pick a few out then I’d say ‘Warrior’ for Tango to induce the rush of the early days music production and it’s certainly the case
through writing the album that we decided its pounding energetic impact, ‘Telepathy’ and we’ll cane the lot in half an hour and with Teebs and myself. For those out there
to become a more permanent produc- for its rolling simplicity, and ‘Make Your see what happens...” who are producing collaboratively: Strive to
tion duo,” Calyx explains when asked Choice’ for its lush, emotional scores that learn from each other and constantly push
about their new imprint on which the LP contrast with the tearing dramatic stabs, Stay tuned: each other to better yourselves as producers.
will debut. “With that in mind we thought mids, beats and bass. Ask me again on Above all, push each other to work harder.
launching a new label would create an another day and I’d probably pick three Make all the sacrifices you can to make more
imprint that would provide a home for our other tracks, but that refl ects the belief time for producing together. Never rest on the
music and help reinforce the identity of our and passion we have for all the tracks on laurels of your achievements – follow up all
‘sound’.” the album.” your successes with more work!
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