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Matrix & Futur

Bergen, Norway is a long way from South London. “The fi rst time I met Teebs was at Rugged Vinyl’s of- The boys knew they were onto something special and
Nestled in the midst of a huge mountainous valley fi ce back in ‘96,” Calyx says when asked how he and were eager to get back into the studio but competing
carved open by immense fjords, the third wettest city TeeBee came to work together. “He was there with demands postponed the reunion for almost two years
in the world is also home to none other than drum & his fellow Norwegians K/Polar and Nocturne. At fi rst I which proved to be well worth the wait.
bass’ very own TeeBee. thought they were all wasted on some super-strength “I’d say that fi rst and foremost our collaborative suc-
Peruvian marching powder but it turned out they had cess is built on a mutual respect in all areas of produc-
The last time we checked in with TeeBee, he had just bought three crates of orange Tango, which is banned tion,” Calyx responds when asked about their unique
released his third LP, ‘The Legacy’, and for the fi rst in Norway. They had drunk most of them in one session bond. “Unlike many of my previous collaborations with
time in his life, he admitted that it was okay to just take inducing some kind of sugar and chemical psychosis; other producers, there is never a hint of ego-driven de-
a deep breath, look back and enjoy how far he’d come their manic intensity was overwhelming and I had to cision making – the music itself is the only important
since he began his trek over ten years ago. Having escape within a couple of hours!” thing to us, irrespective of who did what.”
reached a sort of crossroads in his career, TeeBee was
the fi rst to admit that it was time to re-invent himself “After that we just kept in touch on a regular and Coming with an epic, twisted sound that both agreed
and fi nd a way to take things to a newer, higher level. shared many nights of extensive PlayStation carnage,” was something unique unto its own, Calyx and TeeBee
TeeBee says, adding that it was years later before immediately began pushing their collaborative ses-
“Ultimately, if you don’t evolve as a producer, someone is they actually linked up in the studio. “Our fi rst tune sions to the limit, suddenly realizing that this was a
going to come take your shine,” TeeBee says, refl ecting together never got released and for good reason: it lot more than a one-off session in the studio. Bits like
on the two years since we last spoke. “With that in mind, was utter crap. But it was needed to get that out of the ‘The Quest’, ‘Telepathy,’ and the aptly titled ‘Shape Of
I took my time to really get deep into plug-ins and inter- way, to fi nd out if we had studio chemistry. Now, our Things To Come’ started doing the rounds on the VIP
nal mastering. There is no denying the fact that when second track was ‘Follow The Leader’ which literally circuit and a proper buzz began building around the
Pendulum came along the game changed. I am not wrote itself and was such a joy to make! It’s like we newly formed duo. The response was so strong the pair
afraid to say that, and I know there’s a lot of Pendulum had found a balance between my own love for deep decided to direct their energy to a full-on album project
haters out there, but let me tell you, from a production textures and subtle changes and Larry’s ear for the that almost immediately began to take on a life of its
point of view, them boys got it on lock. I just wanted to immediate and his ability to bring the right amount of own.
make sure that I had the basis to be competitive on a drama to a track.” “We just kind of started making tunes and reached a
high level when it came to the technical aspect of sound point where we had a few really good tracks,” TeeBee
engineering. I’m still not exactly where I want to be, but The track was snatched by Moving Shadow and says looking back on the 18-month process. “I don’t
everyday has a new little ‘wow’ moment, and I think I’ve became a huge hit, even being licensed to the driving think we had an overall vision but as time went along
fi nally found my balance and my way of making plug-ins game Midnight Club 3 as the title track. The exposure we started to think about what was missing from the
sound warm and crunchy like the old analogue stuff.” was huge as TV ads with Calyx and TeeBee’s beats album. Now, we could have put a mellow vocal thing on
were in heavy rotation worldwide. there and a little radio thing but that’s not what Calyx
Flash forward to the present and TeeBee seems to have “I remember switching on MTV one night and there and TeeBee were about writing this. We kept it true to
defi nitely hit his stride again, teaming up with none other it was,” TeeBee says with a smile. “And this was at a what we’re about and didn’t compromise anything.”
than Calyx for what is shaping up to be one of the most hotel in Malaysia!”
exciting collaborative efforts since Ed Rush and Optical. “I think that we both aspire to the same aspects of
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