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more interested by challenging and thought- Science in NYC and we have been good
provoking music. I believe that my influence friends since, he has always played a part in
over Offshore in that way is very clear; I think Offshore in some way or another,” Brett told
that every release conveys that idea, and I us. “He actually drew the crab for the art on
also think that there was a need for a label our sixth 12” release and designed the past
like Offshore. I think that the loss of labels like two websites. He has been doing the art
Partisan and Certificate 18 created a gap that for the past few 12”s and he is an amazing
I set out to fill. I didn’t want to be a carbon illustrator/artist. I typically give him and idea
copy of those labels or rehash what they and he manages to create exactly what was
had already done, but I do think that there is in my head.”
a certain listenership associated with those
labels and those same listeners can now be The latest 12” release on Offshore is available
found listening to Offshore.” now and comes in the shape of a split artist
12”, featuring Fracture & Neptune with ‘Ups
The label’s latest release is a compilation CD & Downs’ and Macc’s ‘Wrong To Perfection’
album entitled ‘Buried Treasure’ (OSRCD001), (OSR019).
and features the likes of ASC, Martsman,
Resound, Fanu, Sileni and more: “The album There is also a new Offshore sub-label, en-
represents the unreleased gems or ‘Buried titled Hotshore, with a new split artist release
Treasure’ from Offshore that were either slated forthcoming from Scuba and Martsman with
for release, or something that we just couldn’t the tracks ‘Braille Diving’ and ‘Step Up (Ber-
squeeze onto a 12”. Some of the remixes were lin)’ respectively. “Hotshore is a collaboration
done unsolicited, but turned out amazing and between Paul Rose of Hotflush and myself,”
needed a release. It is a potpourri in many Brett explains. “Hotflush is a mainstay in the
ways, in the sense that it is basically like dubstep community and Offshore has dabbled
‘Here, check out these tracks that we haven’t in dubstep with our Vex’d remix on OSR018.
been able to release yet!’ So, with that said, I also mixed a dubstep CD for Breakbeat
nearly all of the tracks were on hand and Science’s ‘Science Faction’ series, so I am
needed a home, so a ten track CD compilation down with the sounds. We both agreed that
is what took shape.” it would be a great way to showcase both
dubstep and drum & bass at the same time.
New York’s Offshore Recordings have just released their first distribution. The first release didn’t do so well and we learned some The album will retail for around $13 US and Not only does it have great crossover potential,
compilation album, a collection of ten unreleased tracks entitled hard lessons. Shortly there after, Brian became disenchanted with £6.50 UK, around the cost of a single 12” re- but it would seem that many dubstep fans
‘Buried Treasure’, plus there’s also news of a recently established drum & bass and turned the label over to me. I secured a P&D with cord: “The budget price was driven by the low are jaded junglists and a lot of those same
dubstep label. Vinyl UK and thus began the second stage, which is the present cost of CDs and it’s a way to give something folks dig the drum & bass that comes out on
Offshore that people have come to know. back to the folks that have supported us over Offshore. Expect more 12”s from Hotshore
Offshore was originally established by Brett Cleaver (aka DJ Clever) the years, plus it’s also a great way to get in the future!”
and a close friend of his Brian Anemone, who at the time was “Offshore has always been about taking a risk and putting stuff out new listeners on board.”
writing a lot of material and had no outlet to release it on. “He and there that others wouldn’t dare,” he continued. “We’ve always tried
I worked on tracks together, so when the idea of a label came to to be very creative and do something different. It wasn’t planned to The album also comes complete with artwork
fruition, he asked me to be involved in the partnership,” Brett told be as leftfield as possible, there wasn’t a strategy laid out to do so, and a comic strip by an artist called CEDE. “I
Frontlines. “He handled the manufacturing, and I dealt with the it really just comes down to my personal taste. I have always been met CEDE about six years ago at Breakbeat
After a relatively quiet period in terms of Vinyl and Vicious Circle, EBK and Nocturnal
releases at the beginning of the year, Trouble on Renegade Hardware. ‘Pum Pum’ / ‘What
On Vinyl, Renegade Hardware, Recordings and You Say’ by Smokesta (TWARE03) will be
Renegade Recordings are back with a ven- released on TOV in June, with SFR’s ‘Confi’don’
geance, with new 12” releases across all labels, / ‘Drop Funk’ (TWARE04) following in July.
plus several new albums in the pipeline. Vicious Circle’s ‘Welcome To Shanktown’ EP
(HWARE02) was released in April. “Vicious
Frontlines spoke with Yoko at Renegade Hard- Circle are currently working on an LP to come
ware, who explained the reason for this brief out this October,” Yoko added. “We’re also
hiatus in the release schedule. “We restructured putting together an album titled ‘Ubiquity’ on
the company, and downscaled to adjust to the Renegade Recordings, which is due to come
current marketplace,” she divulged. “Though out in September, and Trouble On Vinyl also has
many may have an idea already, thanks to a forthcoming LP project planned.”
some skanky threads on DOA, the TOV Music
Group no longer exists, and we are now There will also be a special album forthcoming
Renegade Hardware. We’ve also had some on Renegade Hardware that will mark ten years
difficulties with artwork, therefore putting our of parties at the End club in London, which was
schedules back several times.” recorded live at their recent June event. “We’re
doing a double CD entitled ‘Live @ The End’ to
This new era for all of the crew’s labels may help celebrate Ten Years of Renegade Hardware
see a few less releases, but there will be at The End club,” Yoko revealed. “The first CD
a greater emphasis on finding top quality will feature Loxy & DJ Ink, and the second disc
music. “Previously we were putting out a lot will feature Calyx & TeeBee.”
of releases in order to bring in revenue. Where
as now, we can concentrate on putting out They also plan to resurrect their regular pod-
more quality releases, rather than quantity,” casts, so expect more of those later this year.
Yoko told us.
There are also several new artists onboard,
including SFR and Smokesta on Trouble On
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